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In the present research of teaching and application of e-learning, there are many problems, like theories separated, theoretical basis indefinite, technique used indiscriminately, interaction lacked, extension of the knowledge and dialectical thoughts insufficient etc. Therefore the ideal effect of knowledge extension could not be reached based on modern(More)
Wireless sensor networks are distributed networks in the way to form wireless self-organization, using a large number of sensor nodes densely deployed in a specific area to monitor external data collection. Positioning accuracy of node becomes the determinants of the data reliability. In this paper, the node of wireless sensor network is located using the(More)
This article analyses the basic concept of E-Learning instructional design, proposes the theoretical basis of E-Learning instructional design, indicates Four Different Learning Theories to provide favorable theoretical basis for E-Learning from different aspects and gets different functions, on the basis of the basic theory of instructional system design(More)
This article analyzes E-Learning teaching design’s basic instruction, design principle and design core based on the acknowledge of E-Learning teaching design’s concept and connotation, constructing a model of E-Learning teaching system, which takes web curriculum instruction system as an example and guided by Constructivism. And it points(More)
Against trusted share distributed center (SDC) maybe dishonest or hard to find a trusted one, a secret sharing scheme (SSS) based on Blakley without SDC is proposed for the first time. By using secure scalar product protocol in secure multi-party computation, a secure multi-party vectors rank with low communication and low computation complex is designed.(More)
The paper puts forward a new graphical representation of DNA sequences -- H curve, gives the definition of H curve and the relationship between H curves and represents mitochondrial DNA sequences by H curve for the first time. Through calculating the distance of H curve compressed to get the distance matrix of mitochondrial DNA of eight species, then use(More)
This article expounds the working principle and the merits of performance of the library computer room intelligent high heat transfer heat exchanger, analyses the running effects of the heat exchanger in place of the air-conditioner of the library computer room, Analysis showed that the use of the heat exchanger can reduce the working hours of the original(More)
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