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— In this paper, we present a new approach to the least-squares design of stable infinite impulse response (IIR) digital filters. The design is accomplished by using an iterative scheme in which the denominator polynomial obtained from the preceding iteration is treated as a part of the weighting function, and each iteration is carried out by solving a(More)
PURPOSE HAb18G/CD147 is a hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)-associated antigen. We developed iodine (131I) metuximab injection (Licartin), a novel 131I-labeled HAb18G/CD147-specific monoclonal antibody Fab'2 fragment, and evaluated its safety, pharmacokinetics, and clinical efficacy on HCC in Phase I/II trials. METHODS AND MATERIALS In a Phase I trial, 28(More)
—Is sparsity an issue in filter design problems? and why is it important? How a digital filter can be designed to have a sparse impulse response for efficient implementation while achieving improved performance relative to its non-sparse counterpart? In an attempt to address these questions, this paper comes up with a design technique for optimal(More)
—A new linear multiuser detector that directly minimizes the bit-error rate (BER) subject to a set of reasonable constraints is proposed. It is shown that the constrained BER cost function has a unique global minimum. This allows us to develop an efficient barrier Newton method for finding the coefficients of the proposed detector using information about(More)
In this paper, we investigate several efficient interpolation techniques for pilot symbol assisted channel estimation in OFDM. The interpolation methods studied include two dimensional (2-D) separable lowpass sinc interpolator with Kaiser window, 2-D separable Deslauriers-Dubuc (DD) interpolation and 2-D discrete Fourier transform (DFT) based lowpass(More)
— Digital filters capable of changing their frequency response characteristics are often referred to as variable digital filters (VDF's) and have been found useful in a number of digital signal processing applications. An important class of VDF's is the class of digital filters with variable fractional delay. This paper describes an enhanced weighted(More)
—In this paper, minimax design of infinite-impulse-response (IIR) filters with prescribed stability margin is formulated as a conic quadratic programming (CQP) problem. CQP is known as a class of well-structured convex programming problems for which efficient interior-point solvers are available. By considering factorized denominators, the proposed(More)
— A new method for the design of general finite-duration impulse response (FIR) quadrature mirror-image filter (QMF) banks that eliminates the computation of large matrices is proposed. The design problem is formulated to include low-delay QMF banks, which are highly desirable in some applications. The paper concludes with design results and comparisons(More)