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In this paper, we investigate several efficient interpolation techniques for pilot symbol assisted channel estimation in OFDM. The interpolation methods studied include two dimensional (2-D) separable lowpass sinc interpolator with Kaiser window, 2-D separable Deslauriers-Dubuc (DD) interpolation and 2-D discrete Fourier transform (DFT) based lowpass(More)
—In this paper, minimax design of infinite-impulse-response (IIR) filters with prescribed stability margin is formulated as a conic quadratic programming (CQP) problem. CQP is known as a class of well-structured convex programming problems for which efficient interior-point solvers are available. By considering factorized denominators, the proposed(More)
—Optimal scheduling for concurrent transmissions in rate-nonadaptive wireless networks is NP-hard. Optimal scheduling in rate-adaptive wireless networks is even more difficult, because, due to mutual interference, each flow's throughput in a time slot is unknown before the scheduling decision of that slot is finalized. The capacity bound derived for(More)
The so-called receiver operating characteristic technique is used as a tool in an optimization procedure for the improvement and assessment of a filter-based methodology for the location of hot spots in protein sequences and exons in DNA sequences. By optimizing the characteristic values of the nucleotides, high efficiency as well as improved accuracy can(More)