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The ventral part of the third visual cortical complex, the ventral posterior area (VP) or V3v, is located between the ventral half of visual areas V2 and V4. Because of its location and the physiological properties of its neurons, VP has been considered to be involved in the ventral stream visual areas. The ventral stream visual areas such as V4 and TEO(More)
Nestin is a marker for the neuronal and glial precursor cells and is expressed in reactive astrocytes after brain injury. Following restricted neocortical injury, we found that cells with neuronal morphology in the adult rat striatum became immunoreactive for both nestin and the neuronal marker, microtubule-associated protein 2 (MAP-2), but not for the(More)
Based on public weights, an imagined grey interval DEA model is proposed to rank DMUs (decision-making units) with grey interval input and output variables. Weight vector which make the efficiency of “vitual DMU” achieves idea grey efficiency is treated as public weight vector. Input and output values of “vitual DMU” are equal to(More)
The fluctuation and intermittent with wind power output, as a key factor to connect a large-scale wind power system to grid, which result s in an adverse impact on the power system continues to grow. In order to reduce the net stability impact of the grid. The wind farm power controller based on superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) is presented.(More)
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