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Multi-topology routing is proposed to address the issues of fault-tolerance and routing optimization in small satellite constellation networking. This simulation model and routing protocol have been designed using STK and OPNET. The results of simulation experiments verify the fault-tolerance and resilience of the multi-topology routing algorithm, and(More)
Aimed at uniformity of sorting about analytic hierarchy process(AHP), analytic hierarchy process based on grey incidence is brought forward.Different sorting results are got through ways of different weights and several parameters.therefor, overcoming uniformity of sorting, complex process of rectifying judgment Matrix and consistence verification, that(More)
Image decomposition is an important inverse problem in image processing. PDE-based decomposition is employing the total variation energy to split an original image into the structural part and textural part. The result greatly relies on the weight parameter which balances these two parts, big or small may produce too much noise or over-smoothness. In this(More)
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