Wu Lv

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The measure of detecting the surface edge information of cold-roll steel sheets has been investigated rely on the digital image processing toolbox of the mathematic software MATLAB, and the edge detecting experiment of surface grayscale image has been conducted on the computer. The method of detecting defects such as black flecks and scratching has been(More)
In order to effectively reuse various types of design knowledge in product development, it is necessary to build knowledge management system. The contents of mechanical design knowledge include design standards, criterions, rationales, theories, product paradigms, experimental data, computational models, mechanical constraints, designers' experiences,(More)
Real-time prediction of the sulphur content of steel is of great importance for operation guidance during ladle furnace (LF) steel refining. For seeking an accurate prediction, this paper proposes to establish sulphur content prediction model in a hybrid way, where a simplified first principle model is introduced and fine tuned by data-driven modelling(More)
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