Wu Lin Lee

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Real-life vehicle routing problems comprise of a number of complexities that are not considered by the classical models found in vehicle routing literature. I present, in this paper, a two-stage sweep-based heuristic to find good solutions to a real-life Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). The problem I shall consider, will deal with some non-standard(More)
The purpose of this study is to implement a Web-based bookmark (WBB) tool with ontological approach for knowledge sharing of special interest groups (SIG). People at across levels are staggered by the findings and conclusions of thousands of other papers. Yet specialization becomes increasingly necessary for progress, and the effort to bridge between(More)
With the surge in the availability of real-time manufacturing and transportation resources information, requirements for advanced intelligent real time decision-making techniques are imperative. This research is focused on developing dynamic real time demand responsive decision-making techniques to address the current and future needs in the field of(More)
Even though the large body of knowledge of relational query optimization techniques can be utilized as a starting point for object-oriented query optimization the full exploitation of the object-oriented paradigm requires new, customized optimization techniques|not merely the assimilation of relational methods. This paper describes such an optimization(More)
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