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Study on artificial propagation of mussel Mytilus coruscus
Results showed that after intensive culture, the parental mussels can mature enough and produce normal sperm and eggs under artificial conditions and would provide a basis for large scale production of artificial mussel seedlings in the future.
Alterations of Glutamate and γ-Aminobutyric Acid Expressions in Normal and Myopic Eye Development in Guinea Pigs.
The findings suggest that the RGG has a pivotal role in eye development and myopia, and the abnormal retina signal induced by the unbalanced ratio between Glu and GABA is related closely to the occurrence of myopia.
INPGA-based Multiobjective Management Model for Optimal Design of Groundwater Remediation System:I. Methodology and Its Experimental Validation
An improved NPGA (INPGA) is developed to promote the solving ability of algorithms and is applied to a two-dimensional hypothetical test problem to demonstrate the multi-objective optimal design of a groundwater pump-and-treat system.
INPGA-based Multiobjective Management Model for Optimal Design of Groundwater Remediation System:II.Application to the MMR Site
The results of this study show that not only would it be possible using MPI to improve the parallel acceleration and efficiency, but also a near-Pareto-front trade-off curve could be achieved by providing enough Pareto solutions to decision-makers.
Vapor-liquid equilibrium measurement and correlation for R23 + R116 system
Vapor-liquid equilibrium(VLE) data for the R23(trifluoromethane) + R116(hexafluoroethane) system were measured at temperatures of 194.33,199.71,214.90,229.63,244.94K.The measurements were performed
Order of magnetic transition and large magnetocaloric effect in Er 3 Co
We have studied the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of the Er3Co compound, which undergoes ferromagnetic ordering below the Curie temperature TC = 13 K. It is found by fitting the isothermal
Vapor-liquid equilibria of CH 4 , CO 2 and their binary system CH 4 + CO 2 : A comparison between the molecular simulation and equation of state
An accurate knowledge about phase behaviors of CH4, CO2 and their binary mixture is crucial in fields of natural gas liquefaction and refrigeration applications. In this work, two all-atom force
The Consumption-Driven Effect of Place-based Industrial Policy: An Empirical Study Based on Development Zone Policy
Can the development zone policy that pioneered Chinese industrialization energize the consumption of urban residents and become an important means of achieving the coordinated development of