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In order to assess enterprise credit rating objectively and fairly, this paper focuses on how to combine the Data Ming with assessing enterprise credit rating. Firstly the comprehensive evaluation index system of enterprise credit rating is built up. Then the comprehensive evaluation method of the credit rating of enterprise is put forward based on the(More)
In this study, the principle of a phase-shifted full-bridge zero voltage switching ZVS DC / DC converter is analyzed. It focuses on soft-switching implementation, selection of rectifier bridge,parasitic oscillation suppression, voltage-type single-loop control and other issues. The implementation scheme of full digital control based on TMS320LF2407 is(More)
According to the theory of information resources management and practical situations of iron and steel enterprises, a set of index system to evaluate the information resources management level of iron and steel enterprises is built. The index system includes: applications of information resource management, infrastructure, personnel quality, efficiency(More)
This paper introduces the TMS320LF2407A chip and studies its application in variable frequency speed regulation system. This system uses main circuit of AC-DC-AC voltage type frequency conversion; adopts SVPWM technology; takes TMS320LF2407A as the main control chip; and uses IPM-PW100CVA120 to the main circuit of inverter. The full digital implementation(More)
In this paper, the problems about work principle of the phase-shifted full-bridge ZVS DC / DC converter, the realization of soft-switching, the control of voltage-type single-loop are theoretically analyzed. It heavily analyzes the realization process of their soft-switching and the reason of related issues and solution, we establishes simulation model and(More)
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Half-bridge ZVS DC/DC converter is a kind of DC/DC converter which has good performance, its switching valve moves under zero potential soft switch condition, switch loses slightly, simple structure, complied with the development trend of direct-current power supply miniaturization and high frequency, therefore it’s widely researched and applied in(More)
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