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OBJECTIVE This study compares, by meta-analysis, the use of anterior-posterior chest radiography (CR) with transthoracic ultrasonography for the diagnosis of pneumothorax. METHODS English-language articles on the performance of CR and ultrasonography in the diagnosis of a pneumothorax were selected. In eligible studies, data were recalculated, and the(More)
The in vitro effects of PR toxin, a toxic secondary metabolite produced by certain strains of Penicillium roqueforti, on the membrane structure and function of rat liver mitochondria were investigated. It was found that the respiratory control and oxidative phosphorylation of the isolated mitochondria decreased concomitantly when the toxin was added to the(More)
Progesterone, a steroid hormone, has been shown to have multifactorial neuroprotective effects in a variety of animal models of acute traumatic brain injury (TBI). Translation to humans showed positive effects in previous phase II trials, but unfortunately, negative results were observed in two recent phase III trials. The present study focuses on the(More)
A new courtesy amount recognition module of CENPARMI's Check Reading System (CRS) is proposed in this paper. The module consists of 3 main segments: pre-processing, segmentation and recognition, and post-processing. A new feedback-based segmentation algorithm is adopted for the segmentation task. Besides one individual numeral recognizer for numerals from(More)
Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria are important members of the gastrointestinal microflora of humans and animals and are thought to have positive effects on human health. Therefore, there is an increasing interest in using these microorganisms as probiotics to be incorporated into either fermented dairy products or tablets. However, convincing scientific data(More)
Chemical composition, cholesterol levels, fatty acid profile, meat taste, and quality parameters were evaluated in 48 buck kids from goats of the Guanzhong Dairy breed (Group G) and their crosses (Group F1: 1/2 Boermale symbolx1/2 Guanzhong Dairyfemale symbol; Group F2: 3/4 Boermale symbolx1/4 Guanzhong Dairyfemale symbol; Group F3: 7/8 Boermale symbolx1/8(More)
AIM To investigate the inhibitory and anti-metastatic effect of mutant p27 gene (p27mt) on the growth of colorectal cancer xenografts in nude mice and its underlying mechanism. METHODS Inhibitory effect of p27mt gene on the growth of colorectal cancer xenografts was determined by measurement of tumor size before and after direct intra-tumoral injection of(More)
In order to find out a fast measure method of adulterated milk based on near infrared spectroscopy, milk adulterated with plant butter, vegetable protein and starch was collected respectively. Using Fourier transform near infrared spectroscopy to scan the samples, the spectrum data were obtained. The samples were scanned in the spectral region between 4 000(More)
A non-destructive method to analyze the freshness of raw milk was developed using a FT-NIR spectrometer and a fiber optic probe. Diffuse transmittance spectra were acquired in the spectral range 833 ~ 2,500 nm from raw milk samples collected from Northwest A&F University Animal Husbandry Station. After each spectral acquisition, quality parameters such as(More)