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Multiple kernel learning methods have a widespread application in visual concept learning and BoVW method has been widely used dues to its excellent categorization performance. However, most canonical multiple kernel learning methods employ a stationary kernel combination format which assigns a uniform kernel weights over the input space. And BoVW method(More)
Talent-loss risk factors evaluation is an important part of human resource management in Public 2-Level Hospital. The article firstly introduces the step of entropy evatuation method, establishes the Public 2-Level Hospital talent-loss risk index system based on the Chinese and foreign scholars' research, through interview survey on the spots and the(More)
  • Chen Lan, Wu Bo
  • 2013
As an emerging service industry, international logistics affects and restricts the development of international trade. And then, it would eventually have impact on regional economic development. In this paper, Zhangjiagang was taken as an example. Firstly, the paper analyzed its international logistics development status and problems. Secondly, by using(More)
Development of an industry is dependent on its innovation, while the industry innovation must rely on the collaborative interaction of product innovation, process innovation and market innovation. In different stages of an industry life cycle product innovation, process innovation and market innovation have different synergy mechanisms, mainly for different(More)
  • Chen Lan, Wu Bo
  • 2013
As economy develops, environmental degradation and resource crisis have become prominent. Under this situation, this paper chooses the PV solar industrial cluster as the research topic. Existing literature shows that RJVs are an effective form of cooperated R&D and play a great role in promoting technology advancement. This paper is based on the RJVs(More)
Focusing on the real-time and interactive ability features in the Virtual Reality application, we propose a fracture pattern based on local fracture mechanism. Taking advantage of the experience analysis or the offline computation verified fracture characteristic, we abstract fracture patterns with physical reality and then apply it in pattern matching. The(More)
As a useful technology of 3D reconstruction based on binocular stereo vision, structure from motion is widely used in many fields and highly valuable in applications. However, few reviews have been focused on this technology. In this paper, the basic principles are overviewed. More specifically, the related works and main methods are discussed. Finally some(More)
In recent years, with disasters such as global warming, extreme weather occurring frequently, environmental consciousness of human beings increase gradually. Governments introduced policies to support low-carbon economy and there have no doubt that it will provide a good opportunity for the low-carbon economy. China emitting lots of carbon every year has(More)
The present designs an dynamic incentive model for industry chain based on Research Joint Ventures' driving to study the optimal incentives of the member enterprises of Research Joint Ventures to other partners of industry chain for their basic businesses supplying and information sharing. If the member enterprises of Research Joint Ventures give more(More)
High personnel turnover rate plagued many enterprises with the development of economy and the advent of information age. The analysis shows that the unreasonable salary system is one of the important reasons for brain drain. Position-points salary distribution system has been applied to the management of some enterprises due to its prominent advantages. By(More)