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As a model is only an abstraction of the real system, unmodeled dynamics, parameter variations, and disturbances can result in poor performance of a conventional controller based on this model. In such cases, a conventional controller cannot remain well tuned. This paper presents the control of a spherical rolling robot by using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy(More)
Optical brain stimulation gained a lot of attention in neuroscience due to its superior cell-type specificity. In the design of illumination strategies, predicting the light propagation in a specific tissue is essential and requires knowledge of the optical properties of that tissue. We present the estimated absorption and reduced scattering in rodent brain(More)
A fruit-by-fruit harvesting robot has not only to locate and characterize the fruits on a tree, but also to detect the obstacles for a collision free operation. Although many researchers have investigated this topic, recognizing and locating fruits on a tree is still a key challenge in developing such a robotic harvesting system due to the occlusion of the(More)
Due to its detrimental effect on cow welfare, health and production, lameness in dairy cows has received quite a lot of attention in the last few decades-not only in terms of prevention and treatment of lameness but also in terms of detection, as early treatment might decrease the number of severely lame cows in the herds as well as decrease the direct and(More)
Despite the research on opportunities to automatically measure lameness in cattle, lameness detection systems are not widely available commercially and are only used on a few dairy farms. However, farmers need to be aware of the lame cows in their herds in order treat them properly and in a timely fashion. Many papers have focused on the automated(More)