Wouter Pintjens

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Estimation of the noise variance of a magnetic resonance (MR) image is important for various post-processing tasks. In the literature, various methods for noise variance estimation from MR images are available, most of which however require user interaction and/or multiple (perfectly aligned) images. In this paper, we focus on automatic histogram-based(More)
Echo planar imaging (EPI) is an ultrafast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique that allows one to acquire a 2D image in about 100 ms. Unfortunately, the standard EPI images suffer from substantial geometric distortions, mainly originating from susceptibility differences in adjacent tissues. To reduce EPI distortions, correction methods based on a(More)
BACKGROUND Male songbirds learn their songs from an adult tutor when they are young. A network of brain nuclei known as the 'song system' is the likely neural substrate for sensorimotor learning and production of song, but the neural networks involved in processing the auditory feedback signals necessary for song learning and maintenance remain unknown.(More)
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