Wouter Marchal

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The identification, fine-tuning, and process optimization of appropriate hole transporting layers (HTLs) for organic solar cells is indispensable for the production of efficient and sustainable functional devices. In this study, the optimization of a solution-processed molybdenum oxide (MoOx) layer fabricated from a combustion precursor is carried out via(More)
By ultrasonic spray deposition of precursors, conformal deposition on 3D surfaces of tungsten oxide (WO₃) negative electrode and amorphous lithium lanthanum titanium oxide (LLT) solid-electrolyte has been achieved as well as an all-solid-state half-cell. Electrochemical activity was achieved of the WO₃ layers, annealed at temperatures of 500 °C.(More)
Integration of electronic circuit components onto flexible materials such as plastic foils, paper and textiles is a key challenge for the development of future smart applications. Therefore, conductive metal features need to be deposited on temperature sensitive substrates in a fast and straightforward way. The feasibility of these emerging (nano-)(More)
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