Wouter Baggerman

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A method for automatic extraction and labeling of the airway tree from thoracic CT scans is presented and extensively evaluated on 150 scans of clinical dose, low dose and ultra-low dose data, in inspiration and expiration from both relatively healthy and severely ill patients. The method uses adaptive thresholds while growing the airways and it is shown(More)
A method for automatic extraction of the airway tree from thoracic CT scans is presented that uses adaptive thresholds while growing the airways. The method is evaluated on 20 volumetric chest CT scans provided by the Extraction of Airways from CT 2009 (EXACT09) challenge. The scans were acquired at different sites, using several different scanners,(More)
Yeasts and moulds from 44 food samples were selectively enumerated on RBCC (Cooke's Rose Bengal/chlortetracycline/chloramphenicol) and OGY media (oxytetracycline/glucose/yeast agar). In regard to bacterial growth control, a combination of the two antibiotics proved to be superior to one. In tests with 18 mould and 14 yeast strains, the optimum inhibitory(More)
were not attached directly to the meat surface of the skin but to other bacteria. After micro-colonies began to form, the newly generated bacteria were easy to remove. In comparison with other bacteria Salmonella infantis showed a high multiplication rate after 24 hours of storage at 20°C. More investigations are needed to find out whether other serotypes(More)
The impedance detection time (IDT) of 176 quick-frozen vegetable samples was determined with the Bactometer 32 and compared with the results of the Standard Plate Counts (trypticase soy agar, 72 h at 30~ At an incubation temperature of 35 '~C the IDT was 4.8 h for 105 bacteria per gram of vegetable, but 16% of the samples was incorrectly classified. At 30(More)
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