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Minimal massive 3D gravity
We present an alternative to topologically massive gravity (TMG) with the same 'minimal' bulk properties; i.e. a single local degree of freedom that is realized as a massive graviton in linearization
Soft Heisenberg hair on black holes in three dimensions
Three-dimensional Einstein gravity with negative cosmological constant admits stationary black holes that are not necessarily spherically symmetric. We propose boundary conditions for the near
Soft hairy horizons in three spacetime dimensions
We discuss some aspects of soft hairy black holes and a new kind of "soft hairy cosmologies", including a detailed derivation of the metric formulation, results on flat space, and novel observations
Extended massive gravity in three dimensions
A bstractUsing a first order Chern-Simons-like formulation of gravity we systematically construct higher-derivative extensions of general relativity in three dimensions. The construction ensures that
Chern-Simons-like Gravity Theories
A wide class of three-dimensional gravity models can be put into “Chern–Simons-like” form. We perform a Hamiltonian analysis of the general model and then specialise to Einstein-Cartan Gravity,
Chern-Simons-like Theories of Gravity
Zwaartekracht is voor de meerderheid van de mensen wellicht de bekendste van alle natuurkrachten, maar voor een theoretische natuurkundige blijft het de meest enigmatische. In de hedendaagse
Asymptotic dynamics of AdS3 gravity with two asymptotic regions
The asymptotic dynamics of AdS$_3$ gravity with two asymptotically anti-de Sitter regions is investigated, paying due attention to the zero modes, i.e., holonomies along non-contractible circles and
Unitary truncations and critical gravity: a toy model
A bstractWe investigate a higher-derivative scalar field model in a fixed d + 1 dimensional AdS background as a toy model for a gravitational dual to a higher-rank logarithmic CFT. The holographic
Three-dimensional tricritical gravity
We consider a class of parity-even, six-derivative gravity theories in three dimensions. After linearizing around anti-de Sitter space, the theories have one massless and two massive graviton
Zwei-dreibein gravity: a two-frame-field model of 3D massive gravity.
It is shown how zwei-dreibein gravity unifies previous "3D massive gravity" models and extends them, in the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence, to allow for a positive central charge consistent with bulk unitarity.