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Floorplan design is an important stage in the VLSI design cycle. Designing a floorplan calls for arranging a given set of modules in the plane to minimize the weighted sum of area and wirelength measures. This paper presents a method to solve the floorplan design problem using distributed genetic algorithms. Distributed genetic algorithms , based on the(More)
Dissimilarity measures, the basis of similarity-based retrieval, can be viewed as a distance and a similarity-based search as a nearest neighbor search. Though there has been extensive research on data structures and search methods to support nearest-neighbor searching, these indexing and dimension-reduction methods are generally not applicable to(More)
Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) has been the object of considerable study since the early 90's. Much effort has gone into characterizing the " content " of an image for the purpose of subsequent retrieval. The present study seeks to capitalize on this work and to extend it by employing content-analysis of multiple representations of an image which we(More)
We describe Global Atmosphere 3.0 (GA3.0): a configuration of the Met Office Unified Model (MetUM) developed for use across climate research and weather prediction activities. GA3.0 has been formulated by converging the development paths of the Met Office's weather and climate global atmospheric model components such that wherever possible, atmospheric(More)
Occluding contours from an image sequence with view-point specifications determine a bounding volume approximating the object generating the contours. The initial creation and continual refinement of the approximation requires a volumetric representation that facilitates modification yet is descriptive of surface detail. The ``volume segment''(More)
The authors describe experiments using a genetic algorithm for feature selection in the context of neural network classifiers, specifically, counterpropagation networks. They present the novel techniques used in the application of genetic algorithms. First, the genetic algorithm is configured to use an approximate evaluation in order to reduce significantly(More)