Worawidh Wajjwalku

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In groups with multiple males, direct mate competition may select for the evolution of dominance hierarchies that sort males into a queue for access to fertile females. The priority-of-access (PoA) model proposed by Altmann in 1962 makes explicit predictions about the resulting paternity distribution based on an interaction between male dominance rank and(More)
There are several isoforms of interleukin (IL) -15 generated by alternating splicing. We reported previously that alternative IL-15 transgenic (Tg) mice expressing an IL-15 cDNA isoform encoding nonsecretable IL-15 protein had an impaired ability to produce IL-15. In this study, we found that expression of endogenous IL-15 mRNA but not tumor necrosis factor(More)
Four Asian elephants were confirmed to be infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis by bacterial culture, other diagnostic procedures, and sequencing of 16S-23S rDNA internal transcribed spacer region, 16S rRNA, and gyrase B gene sequences. Genotyping showed that the infectious agents originated from 4 sources in Thailand. To identify infections, a(More)
One of the oligopolymorphic MHC class Ib molecules, H2-M3, presents N-formylated peptides derived from bacteria. In this study, we tested the ability of an H2-M3-binding peptide, TB2, to induce protection in C57BL/6 mice against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Immunization with bone marrow-derived dendritic cell (BMDC) pulsed with TB2 or a MHC class Ia-binding(More)
We reported previously that IL-15 plays a critical role in protecting effector CD8(+) T cells from apoptosis during the contraction phase following acute infection with Listeria monocytogenes by inducing antiapoptotic molecules. In the present study, we examined the effects of in vivo administration of rIL-15 on contraction of CD8(+) T cells after chronic(More)
We have recently succeeded in producing transgenic mice carrying a hybrid gene consisting of mouse metallothionein promoter-enhancer and the ret oncogene (MT/ret). (Iwamoto et al., 1991b). A retroperitoneal tumour developed in one of 17 MT/ret transgenic founder mice. Histological analysis revealed that the tumour consisted of undifferentiated neuroblasts(More)
The prevalence of intermediately virulent Rhodococcus equi isolates from pig submaxillary lymph nodes from four slaughterhouses in Nakhonpathom province, Thailand, was investigated. The isolates were tested for the presence of virulence plasmids and the 20-kDa virulence-associated protein antigen (VapB) gene by PCR. Of the 734 submaxillary lymph nodes(More)
We have previously reported new Mtv loci, Mtv-48 and -51, in the Japanese laboratory mouse strains CS and NC. Here we show by backcross analysis that both Mtv-48 and -51 cosegregate with very slow deletion of T cells bearing V beta 2. The nucleotide sequences of the open reading frames in the 3' long terminal repeats of Mtv-48 and -51 were very similar to(More)
Human overpopulation, deforestation, invasion of agricultural areas, and livestock are the primary causes for population fragmentation of wildlife. The distribution range of species of the genus Macaca is constantly decreasing and becoming increasingly fragmented due to forest deterioration. Assamese macaques (M. assamensis) are classified as near(More)
We studied the occurrence of swine influenza virus (SIV) infection in piglets with respiratory symptoms resembling porcine respiratory disease complex (PRDC). A total of 106 samples including nasal swab and lung suspension from sick piglets were collected from 30 farms of medium size in the central and eastern parts of Thailand from August 2006 to February(More)