Wooyoung Soh

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Distributed wireless sensor network technologies have become one of the major research areas in healthcare industries due to rapid maturity in improving the quality of life. The implementation of ubiquitous healthcare systems provides rich contextual information and warning mechanisms against abnormal conditions with continual and remote monitoring of(More)
Server construction using a server virtualization technique has increased due to its advantages including strengthening security, saving storage and costs, and efficient resource utilization. Particularly when the web server has a severe variation of number of users, server virtualization is used. However, constructing a multi-server with virtualization,(More)
Development of information security system is brought by problem by the development of network environment, and the need of equipment for performance test, but performance test equipments are expensive and difficult to use. Therefore, we need an environment which can develop a performance test for an information security system. In this paper, the design(More)
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