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Spheroids of EMT6 tumour cells were grown in spinner culture. As with V79 cell spheroids, the combination of 1.5mM misonidazole and hyperthermia at 42.5 degree C for 1 or 2 h cuased greater cytotoxicity than either heat or drug alone. Radioresistant hypoxic cells at the centre of the spheroids were eliminated but other cells were also killed.
Ring-necked pheasants raised on propagation farms can be severely parasitized with Syngamus trachea (gapeworm) and other parasitic worms. Fenbendazole is a highly effective benzimidazole-class anthelmintic that is not currently approved for game bird species in the United States. The objective of this work was to provide target animal safety data to support(More)
On-animal tags provide an incredible window into the world of cetaceans, allowing researchers to track movements across ocean basins and investigate fine-scale behavior deep below the surface. The earliest cetacean tags were Discovery marks developed by the British Colonial Office at the turn of the 20th century, and their influence continues to inform some(More)
Growth of autografts of mouse tumors previously immersed in aqueous extracts of desiccated embryo skin and of mouse placenta has been retarded and in some instances the grafts have failed to grow (15). Growth of the Bashford adenocarcinoma 63 has been inhibited in mice when the tumor was exposed to aqueous extract of mammary tissue from pregnant rabbits(More)
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