Wooseok Ryu

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This paper discusses the problem of handling active RFID tags in the RFID middleware. Application Level Events specification provides standard APIs for the RFID middleware. The basic role of the specification is the filtering and collection for the RFID data. However, this does not cope with the active tags because active tags are battery-powered.(More)
Evaluation of RFID middleware is a complex process due to its cost for constructing a test bed involving RFID readers and tags. An input dataset of the RFID middleware is a tag event stream from connected readers. A randomly generated dataset can be considered for stress testing, but this cannot guarantee whether the middleware can provide correct answers(More)
In RFID system, RFID tags emit data continuously and sensed by RFID access point. RFID data are appears in form of stream data items to RFID host. By this RFID data collecting, RFID system provides identification information of objects which tags attached to users. However, some applications require not only identification information but also monitoring(More)
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can be used to significantly improve the efficiency of business processes by providing the capability of automatic identification and data capture. RFID system must implement functions to posses the enormous event data generated quickly by RFID readers. The proliferation of RFID tags and readers will require(More)
This paper presents an RSN Tool to generate input datasets for testing RFID middleware. As RFID middleware takes an important role in entire RFID systems, its performance should be carefully evaluated under various business conditions. In general, evaluation of the RFID middleware requires a huge cost because the numerous RFID readers and tags need to be(More)
This paper presents a noble RFID data generation tool to enable efficient and low cost testing of the RFID middleware. RFID systems have been widely used in many business areas such as supply-chain management and yard management. As a key component of RFID system, the RFID middleware should be carefully evaluated from various environments. However, taking a(More)
RFID technology enables a new era of business optimization. With the development of RFID technology, more and more RFID applications have been developed. In RFID system, RFID middleware collects, filters, and integrates large volume of streaming data gathered continuously by heterogeneous readers to process queries from applications. These queries are(More)