Woonkyung Michael Kim

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SUMMARY This paper introduces a new application of adaptive control theory to power control in a code division multiple access (CDMA) cellular system operating over mobile fading radio channels. Conventional feedback power control algorithms allow the base station to send a power command to either raise or lower each user's transmission power according to a(More)
Typical result of an automatic shot change detection algorithm expectedly includes a certain number of undetected shots as well as falsely detected shots. Even though automatic shot change detection algorithms are continuing to improve, the ultimate goal of automatically detecting all shot changes without false alarms may never be achieved. Thus, allowing a(More)
Toward code division multiple access (CDMA) communications and data protection, we propose and analyze pseudorandom noise (PN) sequences generated from a 2-dimensional array structure of shift-registers. For any positive integers m and n, we construct PN sequences of period 2 mn –1 using an m×n array of registers and show that we can generate all shifted PN(More)
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