Woonjae Hwang

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The nonlinear evolution of an interface subject to a parallel shear flow is studied by the vortex sheet model. We perform long-time computations for the vortex sheet in density-stratified fluids by using the point vortex method and investigate late-time dynamics of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability. We apply an adaptive point insertion procedure and a(More)
We construct the solutions to a two-dimensional (2-D) Riemann problem for a 2× 2 hyperbolic nonlinear system which models polymer flooding in an anisotropic oil reservoir. The construction demonstrates the importance of the shock, rarefaction, and contact “base points” and “base curves” in the determination of the solutions for 2-D Riemann problems. In(More)
The Klee-Quaife problem is finding the minimum order μ(d, c, v) of the (d, c, v) graph, which is a c-vertex connected v-regular graph with diameter d. Many authors contributed finding μ(d, c, v) and they also enumerated and classified the graphs in several cases. This problem is naturally extended to the case of digraphs. So we are interested in the(More)
A multilevel distance labeling of a graph G = (V, E) is a function f on V intoN∪{0} such that | f (v)− f (w)| ≥ diam(G)+1−dist(v,w) for all v,w ∈ V . The radio number rn(G) of G is the minimum span over all multilevel distance labelings of G. In this paper, we completely determine the radio number rn(G) of G where G is the Cartesian product of a path Pn(More)