Woong-Hee Cho

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One of the great potential benefits offered by solid freeform fabrication (SFF) technology is the ability to create parts that have composition variation within them. Such local composition control (LCC) has the potential to create new classes of components. Material composition can be tailored within a component to achieve local control of properties; for(More)
The prime objective of this paper is to develop a new method for regularizing noisy building outlines extracted from airborne LiDAR data. For the last few decades, a lot of research efforts have been made towards the automation of building outline regularization, which include Douglas-Peucker’s polyline simplication, least-square adjustment, model(More)
This paper introduces a robotic walking support system, Smart Mobile Walker (SMW), and suggests an assisting strategy through an algorithm which estimates terrain slope on heading direction. There is already a theoretical algorithm to calculate terrain slope, but it does not be suitable to apply on robotic system, because it needs heavy quantity of(More)
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