Woong Cho

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—In this paper, we investigate the resource allocation in a differentially modulated relay network. In addition to the energy optimization, we also consider location optimization to minimize the average symbol error rate (SER). The closed-form solution is derived for the single-relay case, and formulas allowing numerical search are provided for(More)
—The optimum resource allocation is an important method to improve the error performance and energy efficiency of wireless relay networks. In this paper, we consider the resource allocation as a two-dimensional optimization problem; that is, the energy optimization and the location optimization. Differential modulation which bypasses the channel estimation(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship of serum reproductive hormone levels with cognitive function and negative symptoms in schizophrenic women during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle. Thirty-five women with chronic schizophrenia who had minimal positive symptoms participated in this study. We evaluated the correlation of serum(More)
Myometrial relaxation of mouse via expression of two-pore domain acid sensitive (TASK) channels was studied. In our previous report, we suggested that two-pore domain acid-sensing K(+) channels (TASK-2) might be one of the candidates for the regulation of uterine circular smooth muscles in mice. In this study, we tried to show the mechanisms of relaxation(More)