Woomin Hwang

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The advent of many core era breaks the performance wall but it causes severe energy consumption. NVRAM as a main memory can be a good solution to reduce energy consumption due to large size of DRAM. In this paper, we propose MN-MATE, a novel architecture and management techniques for resource allocation of a number of cores and large size of DRAM and NVRAM.(More)
Memory contention among consolidated virtual machines (VMs) creates the need for a memory balancing operation. In an attempt to provide a prompt memory balancing mechanism, we found problems with the retardation of memory transfer by the reclamation delay. The scheduling of the VMs generates the delay, and a conflicts of two reclamation policies between the(More)
Recent mobile devices are capable of creating and storing a large amount of multimedia data, but sharing those data with others is still challenging. This paper presents Cocktail, a new gesture-based mobile interaction system that exploits bartenders' motions. Like a bartender who pours drinks to a glass, a user can pour (transfer) multimedia data to other(More)
—The advent of manycore in computing architecture causes severe energy consumption and memory wall problem. Emerging technologies such as on-chip DRAM and nonvolatile memory (NVRAM) receive attention as promising solutions for them. Nonvolatile memory is a viable DRAM replacement, achieving competitive performance at lower power consumption. On-chip DRAM(More)
Recent advent of manycore system increases needs for larger but faster memory hierarchy. Emerging next generation memories such as on-chip DRAM and nonvolatile memory (NVRAM) are promising candidates for replacement of DRAM-only main memory. Combined with the manycore trends, it gives an opportunity to rethink conventional resource management system with a(More)
The advent of manycore in computing architecture causes severe energy consumption and memory wall problem. Thus, emerging technologies such as on-chip memory and nonvolatile memory (NVRAM) have led to a paradigm shift in computing architecture era. For instance, nonvolatile memories like PRAM can be viable DRAM replacements, achieving competitive speeds at(More)
In this study, a vision monitoring system that is applicable to the maintenance of data centers was developed and applied to data center status extraction. The vision monitoring system, which is intended to complement system monitoring tools, such as IPMI and Nagios, has the additional benefit of enabling continuous monitoring of the external status of data(More)
In this paper, we describe a part of our on-going research project aimed at the management of many core and Hybrid Main Memory with DRAM and Non-Volatile RAMs (NVRAMs).By the needs of simulation and through investigation of the requirements for the target management system, we found that the simulation platform requires support for many core, a timing-aware(More)