Wookeun Song

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Multisensory integration assists us to identify objects by providing multiple cues with respect to object category and spatial location. We used a semantic audiovisual object matching task to determine the effect of spatial congruency on response behavior and fMRI brain activation. Fifteen subjects responded in a four-alternative response paradigm, which(More)
The binaural auralization of a 3D sound field using spherical-harmonics beamforming (SHB) techniques was investigated and compared with the traditional method using a head-and-torso simulator (HATS). The new procedure was verified by comparing simulated room impulse responses with measured ones binaurally. The objective comparisons show that there is good(More)
A method for sound recognition of coexisting environmental noise sources by applying pattern recognition techniques is developed. The investigated technique could benefit several areas of application, such as noise impact assessment, acoustic pollution mitigation and soundscape characterization. This study distinguishes from other investigations by focusing(More)
The potential of spherical-harmonics beamforming (SHB) techniques for the auralization of target sound sources in a background noise was investigated and contrasted with traditional head-related transfer function (HRTF)-based binaural synthesis. A scaling of SHB was theoretically derived to estimate the free-field pressure at the center of a spherical(More)
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