Woojoong Lee

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Very rare cases of human T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) harbor chromosomal translocations that involve NOTCH1, a gene encoding a transmembrane receptor that regulates normal T cell development. Here, we report that more than 50% of human T-ALLs, including tumors from all major molecular oncogenic subtypes, have activating mutations that involve(More)
Buffer caches are used to enhance the performance of file or storage systems by reducing I/O requests to underlying storage media. In particular, multi-level buffer cache hierarchy is commonly deployed on network file systems or storage systems. In this environment, the I/O access pattern on second-level buffer caches of file servers or storage controllers(More)
In the ubiquitous computing environment, wearable computers are becoming more and more important because they provide an interface between human and computers. However, there are many challenges that come from its distributed, dynamic, heterogeneous computing environment. Most of all, an wearable computer has limited I/O devices for user interface. Thus,(More)
The problem of accessing and managing digital contents scattered on personal portable devices such as smart phone, digital camera, MP3 player, or laptop in an integrated fashion is critical in ubiquitous computing. It is not trivially solvable because the underlying networks are dynamically configured and the data types supported by each device are(More)
In these days, people easily meet a public computer at any place. For instance, when visiting someone's office to take part in a meeting, a user usually faces an unfamiliar workspace on the computers. Even if the user has a Microsoft PowerPoint file on the USB flash device, it is common that the user can not open the file because of different versions or(More)
Embedded Linux became a dominant choice in the embedded entertainment and mobile systems. Their adoption in widely used control applications is the second phase of their embedded market domination. One of the most important criteria of the control RTOS is their determinism/overhead ratio. Actually, many extensions exist to bring real-time capability into(More)
iSCSI (Internet SCSI) protocols are widely accepted in mobile devices to provide a network-wide extensible storage subsystem. However, the performance of wireless networks is sensitive to environmental factors such as distance and signal interference. This makes file system unstable in a mobile device adopting iSCSI as its underlying storage protocol for a(More)
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