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—This paper presents our research progress for group context-aware service discovery supporting continuous service availability by providing an alternative service. We believe that service discovery system need to have efficient method for representing the context of a service and a good algorithm for matching and evaluation. We adopt IOPE model from(More)
In this study, framework is developed for integrated missile system design and optimization using distributed computing environment. Analysis tools, optimization tools, database, and CAD are integrated in the missile MDO framework. All components are integrated with middleware for distributed computing environment.
Service discovery is an essential technique to provide applications with appropriate resources. However, user mobility and heterogeneous environments make the discovery of appropriate resources difficult. The execution environments will be rapidly changed, so developers cannot predict available resources exactly in design time. Thus, service discovery(More)
Primary seed dormancy is an important adaptive plant trait whereby seed germination is blocked under conditions that would otherwise be favorable for germination. This trait is found in newly produced mature seeds of many species, but not all. Once produced, dry seeds undergo an aging time period, called dry after-ripening, during which they lose primary(More)
In this paper, we classified existing address autoconfiguration schemes based on two communication models: centralized and distributed schemes. We defined performance metrics and evaluated four existing address autoconfiguration schemes. We suggested requirements for an address autoconfiguration scheme.
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