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Copper (Cu) wirebond technology in IC packaging has become popular these days due to its better characteristic and cost compare to Gold (Au). Nonetheless, failure analysis remains to be very challenging as Cu is easily dissolved when it is reacted with fuming nitric acid used during standard decapsulation process. Hence, by utilizing enhanced manual(More)
Observational studies on leaf damage, gut content analyses, and crab behaviour have demonstrated that like numerous other mangrove and salt-marsh generalists, the mangrove tree crab Aratus pisonii feeds on a variety of food resources. This study is the first that experimentally tests feeding preferences of A. pisonii, as well as the first to test(More)
This paper presents the development of a biomimetic closed-loop flight controller that integrates gust alleviation and flight control into a single distributed system. Modern flight controllers predominantly rely on and respond to perturbations in the global states, resulting in rotation or displacement of the entire aircraft prior to the response. This(More)
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