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As robotics technology forays into our daily lives, research, industry, and government professionals in the field of human-robot interaction (HRI) in must grapple with significant ethical, legal, and normative questions. Many leaders in the field have suggested that "the time is now" to start drafting ethical and policy guidelines for our community to guide(More)
" Big data " can be defined as a problem-solving philosophy that leverages massive datasets and algorithmic analysis to extract " hidden information and surprising correlations. " 1 Not only does big data pose a threat to traditional notions of privacy, but it also compromises socially shared information. This point remains underappreciated because our(More)
The rapid decline in size and cost of networked sensors combined with increased incentives for use including monitoring physical fitness, improving public safety, increasing security, and adding convenience is causing the physical and online worlds to become heavily instrumented. Some welcome such developments, but others seek to retain privacy, often by(More)
Due to recent advances in computerized analysis and robotics, automated law enforcement has become technically feasible. Unfortunately, laws were not created with automated enforcement in mind, and even seemingly simple laws have subtle features that require programmers to make assumptions about how to encode them. We demonstrate this ambiguity with an(More)
On the Internet, obscure information has a minimal risk of being discovered or understood by unintended recipients. Empirical research demonstrates that Internet users rely on obscurity perhaps more than anything else to protect their privacy. Yet, online obscurity has been largely ignored by courts and lawmakers. In this article, we argue that obscurity is(More)
F rom a government or law-enforcement perspective , one common model of privacy and security postulates that security and privacy are opposite ends of a single continuum. While this model has appealing properties, it is overly simplistic. The relationship between privacy and security is not a binary operation in which one can be traded for the other until a(More)