WooYoung Kim

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Recent advances in micro electro-mechanical systemsand VLSI lithography have enabled the miniaturizationof sensors and controllers. Such minitiarization facilitatesthe deployment of large-scale wireless sensor networks(WSNs). However, the considerable cost of deployingand maintaining large-scale WSNs for experimental purposesmakes simulation useful in(More)
The process of determining the physical locations of nodes in a wireless sensor network is known as <i>localization</i>. Self-localization is critical for large-scale sensor networks, because manual or assisted localization is often impractical due to time requirements, economic constraints, or inherent limitations of the deployment scenarios. We propose(More)
We consider the use of binary proximity sensors for tracking targets. Such sensors provide only 1-bit information regarding a target's presence or absence in their vicinity, albeit with less than 100% reliability. A novel tracking method employing such binary sensors is proposed and its performance in different deployment scenarios evaluated. For a given(More)
The Actor model programming language concept, which provides basic building blocks for a wide variety of computational structures, is reviewed. The Actor model unifies objects and concurrency. Actors are autonomous, distributed, concurrently executing objects that can send each other messages asynchronously. The Actor model's communication abstractions and(More)
We describe high-level language constructs for specifying parallel programs and show how they may be used to provide modular speci-cation of communication, synchronization and placement. The high-level constructs are translated into actors which provide exible low-level primi-tives for interconnecting distributed components and eecient execution on(More)
Peer-to-peer computing (P2P) draws growing interest as a new distributed computing paradigm for its potential to harness “edge” computers (e.g., PCs) and make their under-utilized resources available to each other. P2P based e-commerce on the Internet is of particular interest because of P2P’s cost effectiveness and redundancy-induced dependability. Beneath(More)
In this paper we present our experience in implementing several irregular problems using a high-level actor language. The problems studied require dynamic computation of object placement and may result in load imbalance as the computation proceeds, thereby requiring dynamic load balancing. The algorithms are expressed as fine-grained computations providing(More)
To investigate the underlying mechanism of low bioavailabilities of the water-soluble camptothecin derivatives, belotecan and topotecan. The bioavailability of belotecan and topotecan in rats was determined following oral administration of each drug at a dose of 5 mg/kg body weight. The vectorial transport of each drug was measured in Caco-2 and engineered(More)
Online deal forums are public places where participants share with each other news and information regarding "deals" such as sales promotion events by online stores. The large number of messages in the forums and their inherent uncertainty make it difficult for even seasoned users to identify useful deal information from the forums. We develop an(More)
Parallel computing and distributed computing have traditionally evolved as two separate research disciplines. Parallel computing has addressed problems of communicationintensive computation on tightly-coupled processors while distributed computing has been concerned with coordination, availability, timeliness, etc., of more loosely coupled computations.(More)