Woo-seok Jang

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In this paper, we propose a stereo matching algorithm based on distance transform to generate high-quality disparity maps with occlusion handling. In general, pixel intensities around object edges are smeared due to mixed values located between the object and its background. This leads to problems when identifying discontinuous disparities. In order to(More)
In video conferencing, eye gaze correction is beneficial for effective communication. In this era, video conferencing at homes using laptops is straightforward. In this paper, we propose an eye gaze correction method with a low-cost simple setup using Kinect v2. Our method detects an ellipse that connects edge points of the face after identifying several(More)
Three-dimensional content (3D) creation has received a lot of attention due to numerous successes of 3D entertainment. Accurate stereo correspondence is necessary for efficient 3D content creation. In this paper, we propose a disparity map estimation method based on stereo correspondence. The proposed system utilizes depth and stereo camera sets. While the(More)