Woo Young Choi

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Combined eye-head movements are routinely used to orient the visual axis (gaze) rapidly in space. The gaze control system can be modeled using a feedback system in which an internally created instantaneous gaze position error signal equivalent to the distance between the target and the current gaze position is used to drive brainstem eye and head motor(More)
A prominent hypothesis in motor control is that endpoint errors are minimized because motor commands are updated in real time via internal feedback loops. We investigated in monkey whether orienting saccadic gaze shifts made in the dark with coordinated eye-head movements are controlled by feedback. We recorded from superior colliculus fixation neurons(More)
Tinnitus is defined as an unwanted auditory perception of internal origin, usually localized, and rarely heard by others. Persisting appearances of tinnitus are most commonly combined with diseases or damage in the inner ear or neuro-auditory pathway. Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DTI) is a new imaging method with the capability of providing(More)
Since the first case of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Guinea was reported in March 2014 by World Health Organization (WHO), the outbreak has continued through the year and the total number of 19,065 patients was reported as the confirmed or suspected in the EVD-affected countries. Among the cases, 7,388 patients were reported death by 19 December. Currently,(More)
Current Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa already reached the total number of 1,323 including 729 deaths by July 31st. the fatality is around 55% in the southeastern area of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Nigeria. The number of patients with Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF) was continuously increasing even though the any effective therapeutics or(More)
BACKGROUND Hydroxyethyl starch (HES), a commonly used resuscitation fluid, has the property to induce hyperglycemia as it contains large ethyl starch, which can be metabolized to produce glucose. We evaluated the effect of 6% HES-130 on the blood glucose levels in non-diabetic patients undergoing surgery under spinal anesthesia. METHODS Patients scheduled(More)
The thoracoabdominal wall could not be totally covered with the latissimus dorsi myocutaneous free flap; therefore, Permacol was applied to the remaining defect measuring about 12 cm × 7 cm. (A) Immediately after flap transfer, generalized congestion was noted. (B) On postoperative day 2, the peripheral of the flap started to necrotize. (C) After(More)