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SUMMARY In order to implement complementary logic function with L-shaped tunneling field-effect transistors (TFETs), current drivability and subthreshold swing (SS) need to be improved more. For this purpose, high-k material such as hafnium dioxide (HfO 2) has been used as gate dielectric rather than silicon dioxide (SiO 2). The effects of device parameters(More)
Tinnitus is defined as an unwanted auditory perception of internal origin, usually localized, and rarely heard by others. Persisting appearances of tinnitus are most commonly combined with diseases or damage in the inner ear or neuro-auditory pathway. Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging (DTI) is a new imaging method with the capability of providing(More)
SUMMARY The fringe field effects of nano-electromechanical (NEM) nonvolatile memory cells have been investigated analytically for the accurate evaluation of NEM memory cells. As the beam width is scaled down, fringe field effect becomes more severe. It has been observed that pull-in, release and hysteresis voltage decrease more than our prediction. Also,(More)
The effect of a sacrificial layer residue on a cantilever beam in the nano-electro-mechanical nonvolatile memory is investigated for the optimization of reliability characteristics. Different from previous research, pull in voltage model of nano-electro-mechanical nonvolatile memory used triangular residue layer which is considered by real wet etching(More)
In this paper, a post-breakdown resistance value of anti-fuse cells has been calculated with respect to breakdown spots. Also, the effect of body doping concentration and source/drain abruptness on the post-breakdown resistance has been observed in the case of gate underlap and overlap structures. Based on simulation results, we have proposed some ways of(More)