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Interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer (iSCNT) is an emerging assisted reproductive technology (ART) for preserving Nature's diversity. The scarcity of oocytes from some species makes utilisation of readily available oocytes inevitable. In the present study, we describe the successful cloning of coyotes (Canis latrans) through iSCNT using oocytes from(More)
As self-assembled nanotechnology tackles increasingly complicated structures, biological self-assembly can teach us a great deal about the challenges of more complicated self-assemblies relative to the simpler systems accessible in current practice. The present study uses computer simulations of spherical assemblies inspired by virus capsids to understand(More)
Esophageal leiomyosarcoma is a rare tumor that accounts for less than 1% of all malignant esophageal tumors. Esophageal leiomyosarcoma combined with squamous cell carcinoma is even rarer than solitary leiomyosarcoma. We experienced a case of leiomyosarcoma combined with squamous cell carcinoma that progressed very rapidly.
A 38-year-old female with a history of alcoholic liver cirrhosis visited our hospital with a massive hematochezia. An esophagogastroduodenoscopy did not demonstrate any bleeding source, and a colonoscopy showed a massive hemorrhage in the ascending colon but without an obvious focus. The source of the bleeding could not be found with a mesenteric artery(More)
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