Woo Seob Kim

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Although extensive research regarding the treatment of calvarial defects has been done in adult models, little is known about the response in the maturing skeleton. The role of coralline hydroxyapatite and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene membrane in augmenting bone growth and repair of calvarial defects in a neonatal model is explored. Utilizing a(More)
BACKGROUND Orbital roof fractures are frequently associated with a high energy impact to the craniofacial region, and displaced orbital roof fractures can cause ophthalmic and neurologic complications and occasionally require open surgical intervention. The purpose of this article was to investigate the clinical features and treatment outcomes of orbital(More)
Current treatment modalities for soft tissue augmentation which use autologous grafting and commercially available fillers present a number of challenges and limitations, such as donor site morbidity and volume loss over time. Adipose tissue engineering technology may provide an attractive alternative. This study investigated the feasibility of a degradable(More)
Diced cartilage grafting has re-emerged as a popular method in aesthetic rhinoplasty since the introduction of Erol's Turkish delight technique. However, an extensive literature review indicates that diced cartilage grafts with Surgicel(®) wrapping are usually absorbed and often fail to correct associated clinical problems. Recent studies show that(More)
Increased expression of glucose transporter1 (GLUT1) has been reported in many human cancers. We hypothesized that the degree of GLUT1 might provide a useful biological information in gastric adenocarcinoma. RT-PCR and immunostaining were used to analyze GLUT1 expression in gastric cancer. RT-PCR showed GLUT1 expression was not largely detected in normal(More)
PURPOSE Capsular contracture is the most troublesome complication after aesthetic breast surgery. Capsule formation can be seen as a normal foreign body reaction caused by implant insertion into the body. Pathological capsular contracture can lead to severe symptoms including pain, tenderness, and breast distortion. Hypertrophic scar hypothesis, one of the(More)
Tissue expanders placed within the orbit can have a positive effect on orbital and ipsilateral midfacial growth. To date, there is no precise method for controlling and monitoring expansion to induce normal growth in the developing facial skeleton. The present study was undertaken to determine the optimal physiologic pressure required to stimulate normal(More)
BACKGROUND Although multiple factors can lead to free flap failure, vessel-related accidents are the most important. Many methods have been developed (both intraoperative and postoperative) to prevent vessel-related complications. In this article, we study the effects of a "preoperative treatment" using botulinum toxin B that could enhance the velocity and(More)
Free flap reconstruction of complex defects has revolutionized cancer and trauma treatment and offers a reliable and efficient method for reconstructing tissue defects. We analyzed the donor, flap, and systemic complications in an aging group and in a group of younger patients to identify whether age is an important factor in complication rates. This study(More)
The effectiveness of stem cell therapies has been hampered by cell death and limited control over fate. These problems can be partially circumvented by using macroporous biomaterials that improve the survival of transplanted stem cells and provide molecular cues to direct cell phenotype. Stem cell behaviour can also be controlled in vitro by manipulating(More)