Woo-Min Jin

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Engineering of TiO(2) electrode layers is critical to guaranteeing the photoconversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Recently, a novel approach has been introduced for producing TiO(2) electrodes using the inverted structures of colloidal crystals. This paper describes a facile route to producing ordered macroporous electrodes from(More)
We fabricated three-dimensional copper oxide structure by holographic lithography and electroless deposition. A five-beam interference pattern defined a woodpile structure of SU-8. The surface modification of SU-8 structure was achieved by multilayer coating of polyelectrolyte, which is critical for activating the surface for the reduction of copper. Copper(More)
We describe a multibeam interference lithography for creating 3D polymeric porous structures. The coating of a TiO(2) shell and subsequent removal of the template produce holographically defined TiO(2) (h-TiO(2)) electrodes. We analyze the morphological features of the h-TiO(2) electrodes and consider their applicability to dye-sensitized solar cells(More)
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