Woo-Keun Yoon

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In this paper, we propose RT-middleware for robot system integration. "RT" means "robot technology", which is applied not only to industrial field but also to nonindustrial field such as human daily life support systems. RT-middleware which is proposed in this paper is a software platform for RT systems. We have studied modularization of RT elements and(More)
In our previous research, we developed space robot teleoperation technology to achieve control from the ground of effective manual manipulations in orbit. To solve the communication time delay in the space robot teleoperation, we propose a mixed force and motion command-based space robot teleoperation system that is a model-based teleoperation. Moreover, we(More)
This paper proposes an analytical methodology of inverse kinematic computation for 7 DOF redundant manipulators with joint limits. Specifically, the paper focuses on how to obtain all feasible inverse kinematic solutions in the global configuration space where joint movable ranges are limited. First, a closed-form inverse kinematic solution is derived based(More)
In our previous work, we developed a compact 6-DOF haptic interface as a master device which achieved an effective manual teleoperation. The haptic interface contains a modified Delta parallel-link positioning mechanism. Parallel mechanisms are usually characterized by a high stiffness, which, however, is reduced by elastic deformations of both parts and(More)
We have studied a framework of RT-component which promotes application of robot technology (RT) in various field. In this paper, we discussed robotic system development methodology and our RT-middleware concepts. The system development methodology using RT-component, and new framework to make composite component for RT-component is shown. An evaluation of(More)
In our previous works, we have proposed a mixed force and motion commands-based space robot teleoperation system and a compact 6-DOF haptic interface to achieve an effective manual teleoperation. Until now, the effectiveness of this system and the haptic interface has been confirmed by the experiments in our laboratory. The most important features of this(More)
We present design of a compact haptic device in which parallel mechanisms are utilized. The design realizes a large workspace of orientational motion in a compact volume of the device. The device is a parallel-serial mechanism consisting of a modified DELTA mechanism for translational motion and a spatial five-bar gimbal mechanism for orientational motion.(More)
This paper describes how to write a task skill program for a bolt attachment. One of important features in this paper is that it is easy to find a knack for an axis adjustment and to program the axis adjustment. In a previous paper, we proposed a task skill transfer method using a bilateral teleoperation. The task skill is composed of an initial condition,(More)