Woo Jin Song

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675 thrombus surrounded by bluish bacterial clumps was observed (Fig. 2). Although EG occurs in 1% to 30% of cases of Pseudomonas sepsis as a first manifestation of immunodeficiency or in patients with chronic disease, cases have occasionally been reported in previously healthy individuals. These individuals had undetected immunodeficiency or were(More)
BACKGROUND The assessment of skin cancers in the clinical setting is often difficult, with important features such as depth and width remaining unknown until the biopsy with pathology reports are received. When we remove skin cancers, with those especially involving the face, aesthetics and invasion to surrounding structures such as bone and cartilage are(More)
BACKGROUND Deep burns of the elbow lead to soft tissue necrosis and infection, with exposure of deep structures. Adequate wound coverage of this area requires thin, pliable, and durable tissue, while optimal functional recovery requires early coverage and functional rehabilitation. We have found 3 types of island flaps that provide reliable coverage for the(More)
The microstructure and characteristics of silicon-incorporated diamond-like carbon film, fabricated using a radio-frequency plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition process with hexamethyldisilane [(CH3)3,Si x Si(CH3)3:HMDS] gas as a silicon source, were investigated. Diamond-like carbon films with silicon compositions from 0 to 5 atomic percent were(More)
To investigate the nature of the switching phenomenon at the metal-tantalum oxide interface, we fabricated a memory device in which a tantalum oxide amorphous layer acted as a switching medium. Different metals were deposited on top of the tantalum oxide layer to ensure that they will react with some of the oxygen contents already present in the amorphous(More)
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