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Nowadays, many robots have evolved to imitate human social skills such that sociable interaction with humans is possible. Socially interactive robots require abilities different from that of conventional robots. For instance, human-robot interactions are accompanied by emotion similar to human-human interactions, Robot emotional expression is thus very(More)
This paper suggests a system to detect multiple planes fast and roughly based on a depth map from depth camera 'Kinect'. In order to improve the speed of the plane detection process, we compute local normal vectors of points of the depth map and we classify 3D point cloud data whether it includes in the same plane using these local normal vectors. It is(More)
This paper suggests an interactive facial robot system on a smart device which has a touch screen and a built-in microphone. The recognition process for touch inputs is enhanced by analyzing input patterns and a built-in microphone. Recognized results from the input procedure are converted to emotional states of the system, and then the emotional states are(More)
In order to analyze the genetic diversity and phylogenetic status of the Korean Chikso breed, we determined sequences of mtDNA cytochrome b (cyt b) gene and performed phylogenetic analysis using 239 individuals from 5 Chikso populations. Five non-synonymous mutations of a total of 15 polymorphic sites were identified among 239 cyt b coding sequences.(More)
In this paper, emotional motion representation is proposed for Human Robot Interaction: HRI. The proposed representation is based on <i>"Laban Movement Analysis: LMA"</i> and trajectories of 3-dimensional whole body joint positions using an RGB-D camera such as a <i>"Microsoft Kinect"</i>. The experimental results show that the proposed method distinguishes(More)
In this letter, we propose an optimal finite impulse response (FIR) filter with fading memory for a class of continuous-time state space models. The proposed optimal FIR filter with fading memory is linear with respect to outputs on the recent finite time horizon and it has a kernel function that is obtained from the classical least squares approach with(More)
Human-robot interaction (HRI) is becoming more complex and difficult due to the growing number of capabilities demonstrated by socially interactive robots. From this perspective, it is necessary for us to have simple and general methods that enable robots to interact with human beings at an emotional level. Therefore, this paper suggests a method that can(More)
This study focuses on smart phones' suitability as a mean for online trading, and on the impact of smart phone services on customers' satisfaction. Key resources for smart phone trading services are classified in three categories: service contents, wireless network services and features of smart phones. For each category, critical-service-related factors(More)