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Engine intake noise of automobile is another important noise that irritates drivers and passengers. The intake noise is narrow-banded low frequency noise. And it varies with engine rpm and throttle condition. Active Noise Control (ANC) technique is superior to passive noise control for this low-frequency noise. ANC is applied to four-cylinder automobile(More)
Single-port laparoscopic surgery (SPLS) has been introduced for totally extraperitoneal (TEP) inguinal hernia repair. Clinically, however, the benefits of single-port TEP (SP TEP) are unclear. This study aimed to compare short-term surgical outcomes between SP TEP and conventional laparoscopic TEP(CL TEP) inguinal hernia repair. Between January 2013 and(More)
Network virtualization involves creating multiple virtual networks within a physical network, based on the flexible network environment of software-defined networking (SDN). In a virtualized SDN (vSDN), a network hypervisor plays a key role in translating physical network resources into virtual network resources. However, this translation in vSDN incurs(More)
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