Wonsuk Choi

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In the last several decades, the automotive industry has come to incorporate the latest Information and Communications (ICT) technology, increasingly replacing mechanical components of vehicles with electronic components. These electronic control units (ECUs) communicate with each other in an invehicle network that makes the vehicle both safer and easier to(More)
In traditional, adaptive signal processing algorithms one change both the amplitude and phase of the weight vectors associated with an array at each of the antenna elements. The use of complex weights offers greater control over the array response at the expense of system complexity. However, it is easier if one requires only amplitude variation with a(More)
In most adaptive algorithms, it is generally assumed that one knows the direction of arrival (DOA) of the signal of interest (SOI) through the steering vector of the array and the goal is to estimate its complex amplitude in the presence of jammer, clutter and noise. In space-time adaptive processing (STAP) the goal is to seek for a target located along a(More)
The potential of solution-processed organic materials for use in electronic and optoelectronic systems is mainly due to their excellent processing capability on a variety of substrates. In developing combinatorial systems, one of the critical issues is how to precisely register disparate elements from different solutions on a single substrate in a lateral(More)
This paper introduces Honeybee, a hybrid Hive and RDBMS system, and describes experimental results related with the performance of its query processing. According to our experimental results, in the case of join queries, unlike other queries, query processing delay becomes a problem due to an increase of the size of output data. To solve this problem, we(More)
A Q-enhanced 8th order CMOS active bandpass filter is presented employing a novel two-stage self-calibration technique. The proposed active filter shows the better out-band attenuation performance than other reported CMOS active bandpass filters. The proposed calibration method enables the stable filtering operation affected by neither the input power(More)
This study investigates the effect of focal plane variation using vibration in a femtosecond laser hole drilling process on Invar alloy fabrication quality for the production of fine metal masks (FMMs). FMMs are used in the red, green, blue (RGB) evaporation process in Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (AMOLED) manufacturing. The taper angle of the(More)
Peripheral neural interface (PNI) is becoming an essential technology in the field of robotic prosthesis due to its potential for providing bidirectional neural signal communication between the prosthetic arm and the brain. However, current PNIs inefficiently trade off neural signal selectivity and the invasiveness of the device. We designed and fabricated(More)
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