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Attention-based Ensemble for Deep Metric Learning
Recently, ensemble has been applied to deep metric learning to yield state-of-the-art results. Deep metric learning aims to learn deep neural networks for feature embeddings, distances of whichExpand
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Evolutionary Approaches To Minimizing Network Coding Resources
We wish to minimize the resources used for network coding while achieving the desired throughput in a multicast scenario. We employ evolutionary approaches, based on a genetic algorithm, that avoidExpand
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Genetic Representations for Evolutionary Minimization of Network Coding Resources
We demonstrate how a genetic algorithm solves the problem of minimizing the resources used for network coding, subject to a throughput constraint, in a multicast scenario. A genetic algorithm avoidsExpand
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A deep learning framework for supporting the classification of breast lesions in ultrasound images.
In this research, we exploited the deep learning framework to differentiate the distinctive types of lesions and nodules in breast acquired with ultrasound imaging. A biopsy-proven benchmarkingExpand
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Collaborative Learning in Engineering Students: Gender and Achievement
Background Collaboration is an ABET accreditation required component of the engineering curriculum. Research has shown that collaborative learning positively influences student achievement. TheExpand
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Examining students' future time perspective: Pathways to knowledge building
The purpose of this study was to provide evidence for the internal structure of the domain-general and context-specific components of future time perspective (FTP) and to provide support for aExpand
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Responses of crop yield growth to global temperature and socioeconomic changes
Although biophysical yield responses to local warming have been studied, we know little about how crop yield growth—a function of climate and technology—responds to global temperature andExpand
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Abnormal Object Detection by Canonical Scene-Based Contextual Model
Contextual modeling is a critical issue in scene understanding. Object detection accuracy can be improved by exploiting tendencies that are common among object configurations. However, conventionalExpand
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Markov Chain Monte Carlo combined with deterministic methods for Markov random field optimization
Many vision problems have been formulated as energy minimization problems and there have been significant advances in energy minimization algorithms. The most widely-used energy minimizationExpand
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Traveltime calculations from frequency‐domain downward‐continuation algorithms
We present a new, fast 3D traveltime calculation algorithm that employs existing frequency‐domain wave‐equation downward‐continuation software. By modifying such software to solve for a few complexExpand
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