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The validity of predicting female homosexuality from empirical signs from the Draw-A-Person (DAP) was compared to the validity of psychologists' "blind" predictions from the same DAP protocols. Four specific DAP signs significantly predicted homosexual drawings from those of heterosexual controls; patterns derived from these signs were even better(More)
BACKGROUND This study examined mortality due to multiple sclerosis (MS) in Canada, 1975-2009 to determine whether there has been a change in age at death relative to the general population and decrease in MS mortality rates. METHODS Mortality rates/100,000 population for MS and all causes were calculated using data derived from Statistics Canada,(More)
BACKGROUND Better understanding of the relationship between obesity and postsurgical adverse outcomes is needed to provide quality and efficient care. We examined the relationship of obesity with the incidence of early adverse outcomes and in-hospital length of stay following coronary artery bypass grafting surgery. METHODS AND RESULTS We analyzed data(More)
Background Information: Limited research has suggested that rural residents are at increased risk of dementia. Objective: The objective of this study is to determine if rural residence is associated with dementia using both cross-sectional and prospective analyses. Methods: In 1991, 1763 community-dwelling adults aged 65+ participated in the Manitoba Study(More)
Attitudes toward problem drinkers were investigated in an experiment utilizing a 2 X 2 X 2 X 2 multivariate analysis of variance design. Subjects read one of eight case vignettes about hypothetical stimulus persons and then completed verbal report inventories to assess attitudes. All vignettes were identical except for references to the stimulus person's(More)
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