Wongwit Senavongse

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The purpose of this work was to obtain kinematics data for the normal human patellofemoral joint in vitro. Eight fresh-frozen cadaver knees were used. The heads of the quadriceps were separated, and the knees mounted in a kinematics rig. The femoral axis was aligned with an electromagnetic transmitter. The six heads of the quadriceps, including vasti(More)
This paper present laboratory digital signal analysis with virtual spectrum analyzer which is created using LabVIEW program on digital oscilloscope TDS 5054. This research aims to develop a knowledge-base on digital signal analysis and the working of virtual instrumentation, a topic which is currently attracting wide interest due to its many good attributes(More)
This paper investigates automated detection of malaria parasites in images of Giemsa-stained thin blood films. We aim to determine parasitemia based on automatic segmentation, feature extraction and classification methods. Segmentation relies on adaptive thresholding and watershed methods. Statistical features are then computed for each cell and classified(More)
We describe the biomechanics of the patellofemoral joint and of patellofemoral joint prostheses. It seemed that the designs and associated instruments that were studied had little research and development and that soft tissue realignment procedures often were needed because of pre-existing pathology. Factors that help these unicompartmental implants to(More)
Suction is widely used in the medical applications. The vacuum can be used for suction with high pressure which may result in damage to the human tissue. This study was aimed to develop a tool that can be used for low pressure suction without damage to the human tissue. This Low Pressure Suction machine has been developed by using a solid state relay and(More)
As drowsiness is one of the prime causes of traffic accidents, monitoring drivers' drowsiness is an active safety-focused research which involves monitoring both physical and physiological changes. This paper aims to characterize a subject's drowsiness based on electroencephalogram (EEG) analysis. The two effective fractal dimension (FD) algorithms: the(More)
The stimulus flickering at specific frequencies, or as known as steady-state visually evoked potential (SSVEP), can be recorded on an occipital area of the brain. SSVEP is used to interpret the EEG signal to detect the desired goal of the experiment. In this paper, we aim to investigate SSVE signal by means of magnitude-squared coherence (MSC) analysis(More)
This paper presents a cybercrime in medical devices such as all of devices feed in RJ-45. The reason of the physician can monitoring the patient's data from medical devices in hospital and how to protect them using technique of anti-crime, we study behavior of hacker to fine history of his/her crime and understanding cybercrime method. Finally we use as(More)
Stroke patient rehabilitation by treadmill tends to increase in recent years. The rehabilitation on treadmill needs more than two staffs per patient to control the process and protect them from falling. As a result, it takes too much time and resource to operate. To resolve this problem, this paper proposes to develop an automatic sensor that is simple and(More)
This paper presents a prototype of stator winding shorted turns detector for three-phase induction motors. The focus condition is turn-to-turn short circuit, because this condition is the initial problem. The diagnosis technique is detectable from the voltage sum of the three instantaneous line to star-point voltage. In the testing, the supply is sinusoidal(More)