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With an interest in identifying the variables that constrain arm choice when reaching, the authors had 11 right-handed participants perform free-choice and assigned-limb reaches at 9 object positions. The right arm was freely selected 100% of the time when reaching to positions at 30° and 40° into right hemispace. However, the left arm was freely selected(More)
C. Gabbard and C. Helbig (2004) found, when examining seated participants' limb selection for reaching and grasping in hemispace, that right-handers preferred to switch to the nondominant left arm for objects located approximately 20 degrees horizontally from body midline (90 degrees) in left hemispace. In the present study, the authors examined 13 strongly(More)
As software has been pervasive and various software projects have been executed since the 1970's, software project management has played a significant role in software industry. There are three major factors in project management; schedule, effort and quality. Especially, to represent quality of products, there are various possible quality characteristics(More)
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