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Computerized presentation slides have become essential for effective business meetings, classroom discussions, and even general events and occasions. With the exploding number of online resources and materials, locating the slides of high quality is a daunting challenge. In this study, we present a new, comprehensive framework of information quality(More)
We propose vibration controller design using positive position feedback (PPF) control. The five pairs of electromagnetic actuators and sensors are used to control strip vibration. Strip was modeled using finite element modeling (FEM). To reduce the order of the large scale model, the Krylov subspace technique was used. To control the vibration, PPF control(More)
This paper describes numerical model for inductive heating oven and temperature monitoring system for color coating line. For induction heating, the heat generation is concentrated within skin depth so exponentially decaying heat distribution was assumed. To calculate and to monitor the oven exit temperature, measurement system was installed on the(More)
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