Wonchang Hur

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s We propose a methodology for business process choreography. Our methodology provides specifications of two types of business processes (Contract Process and Executable Process), and an interface protocol to represent interoperability patterns between the processes. Through our approach, existing processes usually managed by companies' own internal WFMS(More)
This paper proposes a new method of document version management for workflow management systems (WfMSs). A WfMS is considered an essential element for automation of complex business processes involving many companies, particularly for those in an e-business environment. A core element of such business processes is the documents that flow through the(More)
Traditionally, radiology has been conceived as a support department providing patient scanning services to the other clinical departments in a hospital. However, recent advancements in networking technology and related information systems such as picture archiving and communication system (PACS) and radiology information system (RIS) provide new(More)
The purpose of this study is to examine how the collaboration structure among inventors in an R and D organization affects its capability to create impactful innovations. Specifically, this study is focused on examining whether a certain type of network mechanism found in collaboration among inventors contributes more to enhancing the future impacts of(More)
Energy Storage Systems (ESSs) have recently been highlighted because of their many benefits such as load-shifting, frequency regulation, price arbitrage, renewables, and so on. Among those benefits, we aim at evaluating their economic value in frequency regulation application. However, unlike previous literature focusing on profits obtained from(More)
<b>Introduction</b> Traditionally, radiology is a support department that provides imaging services to other hospital departments. In this conventional framework, the primary concerns of a radiology department were how to enhance the productivity of imaging workflows. Most efforts have been made principally to remove unnecessary communications and thereby(More)
This article describes a proposed methodology for business process choreography. It focuses on two types of business processes (contract and executable) and provides an interface protocol to represent interoperability patterns between them.The approach is designed to let existing processes, usually managed by an enterprise's own internal workflow management(More)
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