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sgRNA:Cas9 at the YSA gene sgRNA2 site in rice. Alleles shown were amplified from genomic DNA isolated from 6 independent T0 transgenic plants separately and sequenced after cloned into vectors. The wild type sequence is shown at the top with the PAM sequence highlighted in magenta and the target sequence in cyan. Red dashes, deleted bases; red bases,(More)
For a better understanding of shoot branching in rice (Oryza sativa), a rice activation-tagging library was screened for mutations in tiller development. Here, an activation-tagging mutant Ostil1 (Oryza sativa tillering1) was characterized, which showed increased tillers, enlarged tiller angle and semidwarf phenotype. Flanking sequence was obtained by(More)
The involvement of OsKASI in FA synthesis is found to play a critical role in root development of rice. The root system plays important roles in plant nutrient and water acquisition. However, mechanisms of root development and molecular regulation in rice are still poorly understood. Here, we characterized a rice (Oryza sativa L.) mutant with shortened(More)
Cytokinins play important roles in regulating plant development, including shoot and root meristems, leaf longevity, and grain yield. However, the in planta functions of rice cytokinin receptors have not been genetically characterized yet. Here we isolated a rice mutant, Osckt1, with enhanced tolerance to cytokinin treatment. Further analysis showed that(More)
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