WonTae Kim

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Currently he has done his PhD in the year 2009 from Hanyang University, Haengdang-dong, Seoul from the Department of electronics computer engineering. His research interest includes computer networking such as wireless sensor networks, 4G/5G celluar networks and CPS(Cyber Physical System). research interests include wireless sensor network, and CPS(Cyber(More)
A DDS Bridge (DDSB) allows embedded devices with limited computing resources to participate in DDS communication using a non-DDS protocol. The DDSB incurs heavy overhead, because it connects between DDSB nodes and non-DDS nodes in the full-mesh topology. In this paper, we propose to apply the addressing algorithm of Chord for reducing connection overhead of(More)
2012 ii To Dad, Mom, my brother, and friends... iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my advisor Prof. Michael Flynn for guiding and encouraging me technically and personally during the whole time in Ann Arbor. He inspired and motivated me with his passion and intelligence, and I would never have been able to finish my research without his care and(More)
This paper proposes a hypothetical in-vehicle telematics interface comparison using a Cognitive-Computational Driving Model, which is prototype simulator that simulate both a driver and his vehicle in various driving scenarios. Results can be interpreted in terms of driving safety, interface efficiency, and other metric values. The use of CCDM in early(More)
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