Won Young Jeong

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A mixture of polyphenol components was isolated from the fruits of C. annuum L. cv. Cupra, C. annuum L. cv. Orange glory, and C. annuum L. cv. ST4712 (CLST), via 70% methanol extraction followed by column chromatography over silica gel. The polyphenol components of the mixture were analyzed via HPLC-MS/MS and compared with the reported data. Three cinnamic(More)
The principal objective of this study was to develop an appropriate, sensitive, and selective method for the simultaneous quantitative determination of phoxim and its photo-transformation product, O,O-diethyl alpha-cyanobenzylideneamino-thiophosphonate (DCTP) in both chicken and quail eggs. Eggs (1 g) were blended with anhydrous magnesium sulfate (1 g) for(More)
A healthy fruit peel of Citrus unshiu Marc. and one infected by Penicillium digitatum were analysed for flavonoids via high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS) in the positive mode with selected ion monitoring (SIM). Among 16 flavonoid components characterised in C. unshiu Marc., four flavanones and nine(More)
BACKGROUND Many anesthetics have been shown to impair glucose metabolism and cause hyperglycemia. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of propofol on glucose metabolism and insulin secretion during intravenous glucose tolerance test (IVGTT) in rhesus monkey. METHODS Serum cortisol, blood glucose, insulin, and C-peptide concentrations during(More)
As watermelon is farmed primarily by protected and successive cultivation techniques, a number of pesticides are required for the control of pests and diseases. To evaluate the harmful effects of pesticides in watermelon and to guarantee consumers' safety, a rapid screening process for pesticides is required. A LC-MS/MS method was applied for the direct(More)
We have designed a reflective composite sheet consisting of a birefringent polymer matrix and isolated isotropic or minimally birefringent fibers. The optical properties of the sheet have been investigated in terms of the width, spacing, and thickness of the individual fibers. Commercial software (FDTD Solution) was used to simulate the reflectance of the(More)
Autoimmune bullous disease is very uncommon in non-human primates. We observed a bullous skin disease in a male rhesus monkey while conducting porcine islet xenotransplantation. Fifty days after the transplantation, multiple bullous skin lesions were observed. There was no mucosal involvement. Skin biopsy results demonstrated a subepidermal blister with no(More)
Pulmonary bullae and pneumothorax have various etiologies in veterinary medicine. We diagnosed multiple pulmonary bullae combined with or without pneumothorax by computed tomography (CT) or necropsy in seven rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) imported from China. Two of seven rhesus macaques accompanied by pneumothorax were cured by fixation of ruptured lung(More)
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